Thursday, 28 May 2015

Adopting Mobile Applications as the Major Marketing Tool

The traditional and conventional ways of doing businesses have changed with the wide spread customer base, varied needs & preferences, culture, buying patterns etc.- So, it becomes very difficult to communicate with these kind of customers by using the old ways like emailers, print ads, media etc.- The advent of smartphones and devices like tablets have enabled the customers to search and explore lot of information while on the go by using these devices.

They make a lot of buying decisions and do evaluations based on this kind of information. So there is a need for having a dynamic mobile application development process that organizations need to adopt in order to reach out to the targeted customer base with accurate and crisp information which will enable quicker and informed buying decision.

The Mobile application development in India has seen a rising trend of adoption among organizations of all sizes in order to reach out to their target customer segment and present them with all the required information and make them engage with the brand for a long term basis in order to increase their market share.

Mobile apps can be built for different platforms like android, ios and windows depending upon the customer profile and market reach strategy of a company. Mobile apps development can largely be done by adopting two different types of development process like Native or Hybrid- Getting a mobile application to be built on any type of method requires understanding of the client’s budget and expected level of application performance. 

Android application development conventionally takes a longer time for development since there are lot of versions of android launched frequently and the application needs to be tested for all the versions so as to ensure smoother functioning and performance efficiency.
Ios application development on the other hand takes lesser time on the testing front since there are limited version editions that are launched by Apple in a year.

The other side of these applications is the E commerce mobile application to allow users to buy through the application by ensuring a smoother checkout and payment procedure along with offering attractive discounts and offers. E commerce mobile apps development have to be a mix of good interface, offering wide variety of goods and services , smoother checkout and convenient payment modes option like net banking, credit card, debit card , cash on delivery etc.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Mobile Apps and their usage in the Auto Segment

Penetration of internet has grown exponentially over the past couple of years- apart from the internet available only as a surfing or information gathering platform it has also expanded into various other facets such as new and innovative ways of finding information and doing lot of things apart from simple viewing and surfing.

Mobile apps development is one of the largest branches of internet through which the audience can surf, browse, gather information, buy and sell products and services, bookings etc. One cannot imagine the new and innovative processes through mobile application development can be carried out. These days lot of chat applications are delivered through this platform to enable on the go communication – So a whatsapp application development is a comparatively newer and fastest growing segment of the application arena. Lot of LMS(learning management systeM) solutions are also delivered through the mobile to foster higher level of learning and collaboration.

Mobile application development has also seen a considerable use and market in the auto segment-where people are now surfing and browsing latest offers on new and old two wheelers and four wheelers.

The largest used application in this segment is Car Dekho which allows the users to search of their choice of cars or motorcycles across the country and know the latest price and offers. Apart from showing information these applications also enable the user to send instant queries to the sellers and associated dealers for further details.

Such an application allows the buyer to save a lot of time which is otherwise spent on going one showroom to other to enquire about the prices and offers- now they can do all of this from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Mobile Applications and their Various Uses

Smarter and faster applications either web or mobile are in high demand in the market owing to their ease of access and quicker information sharing and lot of other things which have made lives much simpler than before.

Mobile application development in India has seen a rapid increase in usage for various purposes like bookings, information access, buying & selling of goods and services, sports news, leisure and entertainment etc. Mobile apps development involves significant user acceptance testing and quality assurance processes apart from the conventional development and coding process so as to make sure that the application being developed is in line with the market needs and expectations.

 There is a growing demand for making applications that facilitate bookings and payments so that a user can buy the products and services that he wants through the application therefore saving a lot of time which is otherwise spent on offline shopping and bookings.

Mobile apps development companies in gurgaon have developed lot of applications in association with respective government agencies to enable train bookings and buying respective state government tourism board holiday packages with clear and transparent information and decision making capabilities. The applications specific to government domain has helped a lot in reducing the time and effort which people had to invest earlier in order to get a booking done by standing in long queues and spending the entire day-This time of booking has been reduced significantly to couple of minutes with more information and description.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Monetizing the Mobile Applications!!

Smart applications have really changed the way people used to browse for various information on the internet – not only browsing is made more accessible and crisp even the buying and selling process of day to day goods like grocery, clothes, furniture etc. have been simplified to a greater extent offering buyers with never before ease of buying process and variety of options.

Mobile application development in India has demonstrated a massive growth path and future plans to offer greater degree of automation in everyone’s life- Apart from Selling and advertising through these applications- a lot of companies have started to monetize their applications by offering to place ads within the application to expand the revenue stream.

Mobile apps development have a strong platform through which a company can tie up with various vendors to place their ads on the website and further expand their market presence and visibility.
In the recent past mobile apps development companies in gurgaon have developed capabilities to build a strong platform for ad network tie ups in the applications that they develop for their customers therefore helping them to increase the ROI through smarter applications.

 The trend of placing ads within the mobile application has been seen a lot during E commerce mobile app development since they have a huge audience and customers looking for various products and services.

It can be summarized that mobile applications can be a good source for companies to increase their revenues and strengthen their market reach.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mobile Application Development- The Fastest Revenue Generating Sector for Indian Economy

The last couple of years have witnessed a growing number of smartphone and tablet PC users worldwide. There is a growing expectation of this population that everything and anything will be available as an application by using some of the industry’s leading tools and platforms to develop highly customizable through effective mobile application development framework.

Virtually all applications today must be designed specifically with mobility in mind, offering the desired functionality on a small screen to be used with a touch interface. Therefore a mobile app developer should be an expert to develop applications across different platforms like android, iOS, windows, blackberry etc. since the users of smartphones use different platforms at different time intervals.

The applications can solve wide range of problems that people face like day to day activities or streamlining certain processes and procedures. Mobile application development companies in Gurgaon have built applications that are widely used to address the different challenges faced by individuals and organizations. These organizations are well funded and financially stable to absorb costs of development during various stages of project delivery-largely working on phase wise payment model.

We can conclude that the mobile apps development industry is in a process of becoming one of the most valued and high revenue generating engine of the Indian Economy since the advent and penetration  of IT is enabling a different outlook of people to approach day to day or organizations related issues by moving towards a more digitalized and smarter apps using population who are willing to innovate and explore at every stage of their life.