Monday, 27 April 2015

How Mobile Application Development has automated our daily lives

High level of digitalization  and faster processing systems have made easier to faster tasks to be completed in a short span of time with abundance of decision making capabilities which are in built in the smarter applications developed across various platforms, purposes and implications.
The most commonly developed and used applications are on the smart device like mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops etc. which means that one can now access information from anytime and anywhere to solve day to day life and other complex business problems.

There are typically three kinds of mobile applications development processes like android application developmentios application development and windows application development.

The different applications on these platforms are built using different tool and languages to deliver expected results- A same application can be built on all three platforms or any two platforms simultaneously using various platform specific tools and languages like for e.g. Android applications are built using Java and Phone Gap, ios applications are built using Swift and Objective C etc.

Applications have two major modes of development like hybrid applications and native applications – the difference being that while native applications are platform specific which means they are developed and tested for different platforms specifically taking into account the minor things and steps of development while hybrid applications are developed using some common tools and overall testing processes without getting into minor platform specific details and development guidelines.

Many Android ios application development companies in Gurgaon have specific skill sets and talent to work on both hybrid and native applications to deliver desired business outcomes.

Therefore we can summarize that by using these smart applications on any platform has bought higher level of task automation and easy access to wide range of information very close to our day to day lives.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Mobile Apps Development- Factors, Challenges and Important Parameters to be considered

The biggest challenge while selling products, services and designing solutions is the ever evolving needs and requirements of the target segment which is highly heterogeneous in nature.
People differ in their lifestyles, buying preferences, thinking pattern and many more factors hence selling or designing something that would appeal to the masses becomes a challenge and requires lot of innovation and market intelligence capabilities on part of the vendor.

Mobile Application development in India is one such domain where the needs to each and every customer is quite different  from each other and also there are typically two customer segments like the Individual Customer and the Corporate Customer- while the individual customer may have inclination towards applications that eases the daily tasks, buying and selling through the application, leisure and travel bookings, movie tickets, sports application like Hotstar to watch live steaming on matches etc.

The corporate customer on the other hand may look to develop applications to streamline and automate the communication process of their set ups, promote their products and services in a nutshell applications used by the organizations are aimed at improving the brand presence of the company or to streamline important business processes and functions.

While designing applications there are some uniform factors that needs to be taken care of the most are the UI/UX Design including colour schemes and graphics, Ease of Navigation, stringent quality assurance and coding procedures to ensure error free application release and User Acceptance Testing of the developed application.

Mobile application development companies in Gurgaon are a group of specialized developers for android, ios and windows applications with a capability to develop responsive mobile application designs. Coupled with mobile applications these companies also offer application specific brief website to promote the application and ensure more number of downloads.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mobile application development- Guidelines for building efficient applications

Smart applications development is a multi-dimensional, multi-functional process, involving several complicated stages of programming and formatting for the different mobile devices it is intended to work on. The phenomena of working well across all devices is called Responsive design-largely used for website development work.

The process of mobile application development requires good co-ordination and understanding across people from different departments like Software Development, Product Testing & Quality Assurance, UI/ UX Designer etc. Since a successful and a rewarding mobile apps development process is a summation of all these different work functions whose involvement is necessary at different stages of project undertaking.
As a thumb rule for effective development process the developer should work with the built in feature of the mobile devices and operating systems that the app is intended to work on. This not only reduces the time and effort, but also facilitates the app to work smoothly on the said devices, thereby giving visitors a far better user experience and the engagement with the app tends to be higher therefore helping in more number of downloads and in expanding the market reach.

Mobile application development companies in Gurgaon offer to work with the clients for application development process either on a fixed cost basis or on a timesheet model by billing for the worked hours.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Mind In Motion Software- The Journey So Far in the Mobile Apps World

The journey so far for Mind In Motion Software Pvt Ltd. has been full of challenges and thrills- The Company has been able to win some exciting projects in the highly competitive and volatile world of Mobile Application Development.

The people working behind various projects that the company has signed up are very competitive and experienced professionals who work as extended arms of the client’s team to deliver highly customized and business rewarding solutions therefore adding value to their offerings and helping them to achieve business scale.

The services offered by the organization are:
  • Mobile Application Development
  • E commerce website and mobile solutions
  • Instant Messaging & Enterprise Chat Applications
  • Website development services 
  • Customization on
  • Besides developing value added projects for clients the organization has won several awards and recognition related to the IT Segment for being one of the best innovative companies in India and Good Customer Service Quality.
The management of Mind In Motion are themselves involved in developing and delivering high value projects and work closely with the customers to assist them in realizing their full business objectives and potential by creating highly value adding and customizable mobile solutions.

Looking at the growth path on which the company has embarked itself it is poised for exponential growth in the IT Service Landscape by developing market winning business solutions.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Mobile Application Development- Skill Sets Available & Implications in E commerce segment

It’s a world of smart access to information that provides ease of access from anytime and anywhere. Virtuality in IT has reached new heights with increase in demand of information through high processing speed devices and platforms.

There has been an increase in demand for highly customized and Great Interface mobile application development processes to solve problems ranging from day to day menial tasks to corporate solutions for communication and information access requirements.

Mobile Application Development Company In India has seen many players ranging from small, medium and large corporations providing highly customized and business rewarding applications to corporate as well as individual clients.

As we all know about E Commerce and its advantages for people to buy their desired products and services – there has been a simultaneous increase in demand of E commerce mobile apps so that people can shop through the websites through their smartphones and devices. 

There are many professional and experienced skill sets for Mobile Application Development in Gurgaon due to the higher adoption rate of technology in this city and due to willingness of the people to invest their time and efforts in developing innovative and efficient applications to streamline and quicken the communication flow.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Mobile Application Development- Expectations and parameters measured by different customer segments.

Corporate Houses, Commercial Institutions and consumers have started to demand for innovative and out-of-the-box mobile applications that provide excellent user experiences and processing speed. 
Whether it’s a commercial institution or an individual consumer they expect the application to provide ease of navigation, user friendly interface, along with latest technologies such as video, location awareness and mapping, data capture, real–time notifications, near field communication (NFC), data synchronization across platforms, and more. The diversity of devices and OS makes this task more challenging.

Mobile Application Development companies in India have built specific platform expertise like Android App development, iOS Application development etc.- the customers have an option to develop either a native app that is specific to the integrities of individual platform or a hybrid application that tests the app on common parameters and not platform specific performance measurement tool.

The Number of Mobile Application development companies in Gurgaon has increased significantly over the past few years owing to availability of skilled and experienced manpower along with the growth in demand for smart and efficient applications in the city.

We can therefore conclude that although the needs of different customer segments may vary as per the specific objectives but there are some underlying factors write to applications development like great UI/UX, ease of navigations, faster and efficient process workflows etc.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Technology Landscape- Brining Automation in our lives

Technology landscape has widened in the past few years and there have been many solutions that offer automation in all spheres of our daily people were never exposed to wide variety of information and access to different platforms like they are exposed now.
Some of the technology landscape that has made our lives easier and our decision making process quicker are Mobile apps development, Whats App messenger application development and completely customized and customer specific website development process- all these solutions differ in many ways but the underlying premise of such solutions is to make our work and personal lives much easier and decision making capabilities sharper and informed.

Developing such solutions require thorough understanding of the appropriate platforms and tools that should be used to develop these type of solutions along with a complete market study feasibility test and research and customer profiling and segmentation to deliver outstanding and high market acceptability solutions and services.

 Companies who specialize in Whats app like messenger application development employ specialized and skilled staff to deliver projects as per client’s expectations often these companies also have great expertise in Website development services as well to offer a one stop solution for a client’s needs.