Wednesday, 7 January 2015

“Know How” for Success of Android Mobile Applications

Mobile applications can be used as an effective medium by organizations to project itself as a brand among the smartphone users and therefore increase its market share and enhance user engagement.

Smartphones platforms are largely categorized as Android, IOS and Windows- now which platform has to be worked upon depends on the user segment that the application plans to target for e.g. if an application is to be used largely by the masses i.e. it doesn’t target a niche market segment then in such a case having an android app development done would be more feasible and would help in optimizing the cost-since the cost of development of an application is directly proportional to the no. of platforms on which it has to be developed. One can find number of organization offering android app development services In Gurgaon since Gurgaon is the hub for MNCs and corporate houses – a segment that is now rapidly exploring app development services.

Android application development project may require lot of time to be spent on testing the developed application since there are various versions of android so testing needs to be done on almost all the versions or at least the versions which may be widely used by the targeted user base. 

Once the application is live it may need to checked and updated for latest version upgrades and chances of errors and technical glitches may be more in case of an android application owing to the various versions and larger user base- Android app development companies in Gurgaon specialize in undertaking a stringent testing and quality assurance process so that the application offers a pleasing browsing experience to the user- since the level of engagement and acceptance of the application among the target user base determines its overall success and high application download rates- therefore having a direct implication on revenues.

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