Friday, 1 January 2016

Mobile App & E commerce Solutions: Importance of the Domain Name.

Applications developed for the customers should be relevant to the age group and demographics for which it is being developed for in terms of functionality.

Mobile application development agency should be able to work with the customer for whom they are doing the development to be able to brainstorm a relevant and an attractive mobile app domain name so that it appeals to the masses.

Most of the times there are chances that an application may be very good in terms of functionality and usability but if it is not having a name that is appealing it may not have expected number of downloads.

A mobile apps development service should therefore also consider suggesting and naming applications as per the target segment by keeping in their minds some important parameters like the avg. Age of the intended app users, location, gender, purpose/objective of the app etc.

Usually it’s the name that will be having a recall in the minds of the users once they suggest it to their peers for usage and if a user is not having a good recall of the app name it may hamper the reference value factor of the app promotion.

Similar thing applies to any E commerce weband mobile development company as well and may be more than to what it applies for a mobile application development company because an E commerce platform shall be used to do transactions with the seller so a reference recall plays a very important factor in order to achieve the desired business objectives.

E commerce application development has to be a complete circle of nicely designed solution architecture, user engaging design and content, smoother payment check-outs and brand name / logos which have an instant recall value in the minds of the customer segment.

Therefore we can conclude that an app name needs to match the latent objectives of a business along with having a direct connect with the intended user segment for a long term profitability to be achieved.