Sunday, 28 December 2014

“On-The Go”- Instant Messaging & Enterprise chat solutions

In today’s fast ever evolving and dynamic world not only “How- well” we communicate is important but also how easily and effectively we can communicate with our colleagues, team members, peers etc. that determines how well we able to disseminate communication to various stakeholders of a set up that results in the overall profitability of an organization.

Instant messaging app on smartphones and devices is being explored as an effective platform to enable faster and easier communication channels within and outside the organization thereby resulting in automation of communication processes and help in achieving the desired business objectives and outcomes through timely flow of accurate and collaborative information.

An enterprise chat solution can be a customized mobile communication solution designed to meet specific objectives of an organization. An instant messaging app or an enterprise chat solution may be designed for faster and better communication flow within different departments of an organization by sharing of files, videos, images etc. An advanced design may include automating process of specific functions for e.g. sales- a communication platform can be designed in such a way that sales staff can book orders, keep track of invoices, sales and distribution channel management etc.

Some of the examples of instant messaging apps are Whats App, Viber, and We-chat etc – however these are personal and fun focused apps but solving the basic purpose of faster and effective communication needs like file sharing, image sharing, video recording and sharing etc.

While designing these solutions many things have to be considered by an organization like their mission/vision, objectives and end results desired. An effective communication channel is very important for an organization so while designing the communication applications/solutions focus should be on each and every building block of the solution right from designing the mock up screes, wireframes, UI/UX, back-end and web server management, safety and security etc.

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