Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mobile Apps Development for Android & iOS

We use the internet to explore different information or to do e commerce transactions however every time a person may not be able to access the system through computers like desktops and laptops- in such a case smartphones plays a very important role in helping the user to browse through the internet while on the go and access information as per his requirements.

Mobile application development process makes it easy for the users to browse various application from their smartphones and these applications can be for utility like ticket bookings, paying bills, entertainment etc., e commerce, news & entertainment and many more.

The largely and widely used platforms are Android and iOS- Both android application development and iPhone application development have different methods and procedures to be followed and kept in mind while developing applications.

Android application development process has a relatively high testing timeframe since there are various versions of android that are launched within shorter timeframes from the release of the last version on the contrary iPhone application development has shorter testing timeframe owing to the fewer version releases.

It can be summarized that smartphones have made it really easy for the people to access different applications conveniently while being mobile and address their unique needs and requirements.

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