Friday, 30 January 2015

Mobile Technology Landscape- Know How

Mobile technology landscape is being increasingly used by both businesses and individuals to explore new ideas, products and service offerings, travel & entertainment, food & leisure etc. - When it comes to business houses they may use the mobile technology platform for marketing promotion activities, encourage ease of transactions through mobile apps or streamline their internal processes and foster greater inter and intra team collaborations through instant messaging applications.

There are four broad categories related to mobile technology landscape services:
  • Android Mobile Application Development
  • Enterprise Chat Solution
  • Website design & development
  • E commerce website design.

Each of the above mentioned domains require specific and specialized skill sets and expertise to deliver outstanding results. Also each domain solves a specific business problem and helps organizations in different ways- what needs to be understood before venturing out in any of the above listed categories is to know your target segment and their user behaviour pattern, their likes/dislikes, communication medium etc. Thorough understanding of the customer or user profiling plays a very important in the overall success and acceptability of any of the domains. 

The organizations should be willing to invest time and effort in the development of a technology landscape and should be willing to wait patiently for the returns to start pouring in- since mobile technology platforms usually have a slow adoption rate but once it kicks off successfully in such a case the user base can really grow exponentially and can reap long term benefits and value add to the complete project.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Latest Developments at Mind In Motion Pvt Ltd.

Mindinmotion is on a rapid expansion spree with some new projects that has been signed up with the customers in the domestic market. is currently working on applications having deep functionality across various domains like offers & schemes application, instant messaging and CRM application and a healthcare application. 

Working on different projects would certainly help the organization to have more hands on knowledge and working experience in carrying out development of projects with different customer segments and markets.

The instant messaging and CRM management application is one of the greatest achievement for Mindinmotion as this application shall require the company to build two different capabilities in one application therefore adding more weightage to the company’s portfolio and credibility in carrying out challenging application developments. Adding further weightage to the portfolio is the foray of in the healthcare segment- An application is developed to enable users to manage their medicines subscription and dosage schedule from their smartphones and set reminders for taking the medicine at different time slots.  

An offers and discounts application has been partially developed and is being appreciated by the client on all the aspects like UI/UX design, coding, presentation etc.
In order to meet the requirements of the customers and to handle these projects the company is looking to hire people in various functions and departments. Following are some of the openings that are currently open at Mind In Motion Pvt Ltd.

  • Java Developer- Looking for candidates with experience in Java Core, web service and API.

  • Seeking Outstanding Freshers to be absorbed across various departments having education background of BSc -IT/Computer Science or BCA).

  • Freelance Sales & Marketing Professionals - Sales & Marketing professionals to help us in promoting our services in the domestic market.

  • Web and Mobile Interface Designer – Looking for people who are proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Corel Draw and with HTML, CSS and Responsive HTML design.

The World of Messaging Applications

We are living in a fast paced world where there is a need to know the world around us through easier and faster modes of communication like the internet- these days internet is not accessed only from desktops but also through various other devices like smartphones and tablets.

There is an ever increasing need to connect with your colleagues, family and friends while you are mobile and the smart devices have made it possible for the people to stay connected through various messaging applications with the biggest application being the Whatsapp Messenger.

Whatsapp Messenger Application has made it easy for the people to share files, images, photos along with instant messaging capabilities therefore offering a one stop solution for all the communication and interaction needs. This is a dynamic application that keeps on getting regular updates on the functionality and this is what is essential for messaging applications that they should keep on evolving and be dynamic so that market acceptability factor of the application is always on an exponential growth curve- since the market these days is flooded with numerous applications and platforms and if one fails to provide regular updates and up gradations to the application then in such a case they may loose their market share and the profit margins will slowly decline. 

The UI/UX design of these applications are the most important success measure criteria since such applications needs to have higher user engagement and interaction level as compared to other standard applications.

Instant messaging capabilities have become an important focus area for enterprises to foster greater collaboration among its employees, shorten the communication timeframe and enhance management information and decision making capabilities. Such applications are increasingly used by organizations to streamline and automate their internal processes and procedures along with implementing instant messaging platform to maximize productivity, output and efficiency.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Vast Domain of Mobile Applications

We all have very large dependency on smartphones and devices for our various needs like shopping, online bookings related to travel, movies and entertainment etc. , keep update to date with current affairs through specific newspapers based apps like Economic Times or a sports app- Mobile application development is a vast domain and the clients can look forward for a fully customized and flexible mobile application development to suit their specific business needs and address concerns of different customer segments.

The objective for mobile apps should be to offer a great browsing experience and meet specific needs of different buyers- therefore it’s suggested that one should develop different variations of applications and test the market acceptability factor.

There are many large, medium and small scale mobile apps development companies in Gurgaon that have established their market presence on order to meet the growing demand for highly customized and business rewarding mobile applications. Many of these companies have off shore development centres that combine the expertise and skills of manpower spread across different countries in order to deliver a rewarding business solution to the organizations that are looking to capture the growing segment of smartphone users by offering highly customizable applications.

Mobile application development companies in Gurgaon can offer to build applications at reasonable cost owing to the market competition and economies of scale. In order to develop a highly successful application it is very essential that one understand the needs of the customer segment that the application shall address and also what component of the application shall appeal to the customer base for e.g. if an application is being developed to cater to the gaming and entertainment related needs then in such a case good user interface of the application may be an important factor since such an application shall be largely used by the youth.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Must- Haves for Website Design & Development

A website is a face for the organization and it plays a very vital role in enhancing the visibility of a business/set up by engaging with the wide spread customer base- A website that had undergone a good website design and development process can play a very positive role in creating ever engaging user experience and higher brand recall value.

Website design & development has many parameters on which it is focused- these days a web design & development is not only concerned with highlighting the product and service offerings of a set up but should also focus on various other areas like knowledge sharing platform creation like blogs, videos, whitepapers, presentations etc. A good web design and development will work simultaneously in enhancing the sales as well as marketing functionality and impact buyer behaviour and decisions- Linkage with social media pages in a website helps in mass publicity of an organization and engaging the user base by following company’s news & events, upcoming projects , latest developments, industry analysis etc.

While undergoing a website design process it is very important that a business has clearly defined business goals and communication format that it wishes to follow in order to increase their visibility. User Interface & Design is also an important criteria for a success of a website because even if a website communicates well to the users but if it is not presented beautifully with help of good colour schemes and designs along with the browsing experience then in such a case it may fail to leave a lasting impression on the buyers therefore not adding any value to whole business proposition.

To summarize a website design should take into account factors like Great UI/UX , Short & Crisp content , knowledge sharing platform and whitepapers and linkage with social media in order to contribute towards an organization’s goals.   

Friday, 16 January 2015

Mind In Motion – A Business Overview

Mind In Motion Software was started in the year 2010 with a mission to become Mobile technology & IT Solutions success partners for organizations for them to explore the mobile platform to expand their market reach and presence.

The company offers the below listed services

1) Mobile Application Development & Responsive Website Design
2) Website Design solutions
3) E Commerce web and mobile solutions
4) Instant Messaging & Enterprise Chat Solutions
5) Customization on (A leading CRM tool)
6) Learning Management Solutions Design

The services offered by Mind In Motion are highly customizable to meet specific requirements of different customers.

Over the past few years the company has signed up projects related to mobile applications like Singapaws, 24*7 saas, Live storefronts and some third party projects for credit card offers application and sales management mobile application for insurance and healthcare domain.
There are website designing projects that have been undertaken by Mind In Motion Software for customers in different industry segments like real estate, e commerce, pet related services etc. - The company is also working with some of the big names in the market like HCL and Toshiba for website design related assignments through a third party business association.

In order to further expand its presence in the domestic market the company has invested in different marketing activities like Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, SMO etc.) and through forming strategic alliances with business partners.

Mind In Motion Software is committed to provide customer satisfaction and a long term business association with its clients by working as their extended teams and undertaking projects with a greater degree of team collaborations. 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mobile Application Development- An Effective & Value Adding Communication Platform

There are various mediums of communications these days as compared to the mediums that we there few decades back- in the past decades the only way through which a person communicated with the outer world were restricted to phones calls , letters email etc.

There were hardly any medium through which an organization could effectively reach the wide spread of their customer segment. These days mobile phones have been replaced by smartphones that have the capability to let the user browse through various applications for different purpose.

Mobile application development is now seen as an effective medium that is largely used by the companies to communicate with their highly mobile and wide spread customers located in different geographies. A mobile application developer can help organizations choose the right platform on which the application can be developed along with use of effective and right set of programming language and tools for development.

There are large number of mobileapplication development companies in Gurgaon that have vast experience and expertise in developing customized applications using the desired tools and programming language that best suits the client’s requirements.

Applications can be used to meet different objectives for e.g. like instant messaging engine, marketing and branding platform, internal process automation tool etc.

The domain is very vast and requires specific skill sets for development, testing and delivering the applications as per specific requirements. The client’s team and the vendor’s team must work in tandem with each other so that the solution is developed using the right assumptions and parameters which are important for the success of the application. Internal brainstorming and regular interaction session can add a very user friendly interface of the application and other focus areas like designing and coding.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

“Know How” for Success of Android Mobile Applications

Mobile applications can be used as an effective medium by organizations to project itself as a brand among the smartphone users and therefore increase its market share and enhance user engagement.

Smartphones platforms are largely categorized as Android, IOS and Windows- now which platform has to be worked upon depends on the user segment that the application plans to target for e.g. if an application is to be used largely by the masses i.e. it doesn’t target a niche market segment then in such a case having an android app development done would be more feasible and would help in optimizing the cost-since the cost of development of an application is directly proportional to the no. of platforms on which it has to be developed. One can find number of organization offering android app development services In Gurgaon since Gurgaon is the hub for MNCs and corporate houses – a segment that is now rapidly exploring app development services.

Android application development project may require lot of time to be spent on testing the developed application since there are various versions of android so testing needs to be done on almost all the versions or at least the versions which may be widely used by the targeted user base. 

Once the application is live it may need to checked and updated for latest version upgrades and chances of errors and technical glitches may be more in case of an android application owing to the various versions and larger user base- Android app development companies in Gurgaon specialize in undertaking a stringent testing and quality assurance process so that the application offers a pleasing browsing experience to the user- since the level of engagement and acceptance of the application among the target user base determines its overall success and high application download rates- therefore having a direct implication on revenues.

Upcoming Projects and Team Expansion at Mindinmotion Software Pvt. Ltd.

At Mind In Motion we constantly strive for delivering value added projects to our clients and establish long term association with them. After having completed some successful mobile application projects like Singapaws, Live Store Front, 24*7 Saas etc. we are on the verge of expanding our presence in the domestic market- One such step towards that has already being taken by associating with a client based at Raipur for mobile application development project- In the application we shall be developing specific pages to the client’s website and various screens on the latest offers and discounts offered by the client’s partners under various categories like food, restraunts & bars, movies etc. 

The user shall be able to browse the application for various offers under different categories and call or email the associated partners to know more about such offers- The search functionality will be limited currently to the local region i.e. Raipur- however moving forward it may be expanded to different cities. Apart from this we are also in talks with other domestic clients to develop enterprise and instant messaging applications and will soon be working on some exciting projects in these domains.

On the internal hiring front – we have been aggressively looking out for experienced people to join our Software Development team- the hiring is currently going on for Android and Ios developers.  In order to expand our presence on the digital marketing domain we have hired a resource to look after the complete gamut of our online marketing initiatives like AdWords, SEO, SMO etc. and we hope to soon leverage these platforms to strengthen our brand visibility and expand our market reach.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Merits & Power of Enterprise & Instant Messaging Solutions

Working in isolation which doesn’t contribute to the overall well-being of an organization. Gone are the days when different functions in an organization operated under individual agendas and were really not concerned about whats going on in the other team/department.

These days the teams operate in a highly competitive and dynamic market place where the only basic foundation that would help an organization to achieve its business objectives is how well different teams / departments work in tandem with each information through well synchronized information flow from one team to another. Enterprise chat solutions is something that has been evaluated very seriously by organizations as an important tool to foster collaboration and information sharing with better management controls and management system. There several vendors and experienced professionals who can develop enterprise chat solutions at SohnaRoad – Gurgaon- they specialize in developing custom enterprise chat solutions on all major platforms.

Enterprise chat or Instant Messaging Applications in Gurgaon can offer to build such solutions for all price range but how the instant messaging app developer in Gurgaon determines the price of such a project depends upon the scope of work required and the platforms on which the application needs to be developed. 

Enterprise or Instant messaging apps can be very helpful in effective and transparent flow of communication and information between different teams or within specific teams with an option to have interactive charts and dashboards for better management control and in providing information that may help in taking accurate business decisions and hence the goals could be reached much faster. Such solutions will also empower the employee with accurate and timely access to information and communication while on the go- since the workforce these days is highly mobile spread across geographies and are tech – savvy enough to acknowledge and appreciate the power and merits of such solutions.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Know Your Mobile App Developer – Your partner in success

Branding and Marketing on Smart Phones/ Devices platform has seen many corporate houses being attracted towards it for the purpose of capturing the ever growing and wide spread base of highly mobile customer base. Mobile Application Development is a cost effective and higher returns yielding marketing engine that can be utilised by organisations to accelerate their growth speed and enhance their brand visibility.

There are pretty good highly quality producing mobile app developers on Sohna Road – Gurgaon that have good amount of experience in developing single or multi-platform applications for Indian as well as Overseas clients.

Many Mobile app development companies at Sohna Road have come up in the recent time to cater and address the growing demand for mobile applications development. One such company offering Mobile Application development at Sohna Road is Mind In Motion Software Pvt. Ltd.

Mind In Motion Software Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2010 with a focus to help organizations to acknowledge and adopt some of the best practices related to mobile app development for their high business growth plans. The organization specialises in developing single or multi-platform highly customized apps on all major and known platforms like Ios, Android, Windows, and Blackberry etc. Apart from offering mobile application development services – Mind In Motion also specializes in E commerce website designs, LMS (E-learning Software), Customizing on and Responsive website designs.

Mobile application development on different platforms requires specific skills and expertise in order to have a successful solution developed for the client- While evaluating vendors for mobile app services the client should look at the infrastructure of the vendor, projects completed till date, a brief on the skills and expertise of the development staff and flexibility to customize requirements and accommodate periodic changes and enhancements.

After sales support and AMC s offered by the vendor should also be understood and must be clearly defined before the start of the development process.