Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Must- Haves for Website Design & Development

A website is a face for the organization and it plays a very vital role in enhancing the visibility of a business/set up by engaging with the wide spread customer base- A website that had undergone a good website design and development process can play a very positive role in creating ever engaging user experience and higher brand recall value.

Website design & development has many parameters on which it is focused- these days a web design & development is not only concerned with highlighting the product and service offerings of a set up but should also focus on various other areas like knowledge sharing platform creation like blogs, videos, whitepapers, presentations etc. A good web design and development will work simultaneously in enhancing the sales as well as marketing functionality and impact buyer behaviour and decisions- Linkage with social media pages in a website helps in mass publicity of an organization and engaging the user base by following company’s news & events, upcoming projects , latest developments, industry analysis etc.

While undergoing a website design process it is very important that a business has clearly defined business goals and communication format that it wishes to follow in order to increase their visibility. User Interface & Design is also an important criteria for a success of a website because even if a website communicates well to the users but if it is not presented beautifully with help of good colour schemes and designs along with the browsing experience then in such a case it may fail to leave a lasting impression on the buyers therefore not adding any value to whole business proposition.

To summarize a website design should take into account factors like Great UI/UX , Short & Crisp content , knowledge sharing platform and whitepapers and linkage with social media in order to contribute towards an organization’s goals.   

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