Friday, 27 February 2015

Banking Related Mobile Apps- Know How

A new wave of mobility solutions, including software application that turn any smartphone into a fully operational personal bank, is sweeping through the banking industry. With cash transfers between mobile phones increasingly becoming a reality, mobile banking could soon become as commonplace as Internet banking.

Banks are now increasingly exploring new and innovative mobile app development processes for innovative payment models and commerce capabilities. For instance, a bank in Australia has recently launched a new mobile app that lets customers view their current balance and spot the location of the nearest ATM with mere swipes on their screen. Using the app’s dial feature, account holders could also transfer money to other accounts. It also enabled contact less payments using iOS, Android, and Windows 8 phones, besides letting customers activate cards and update PINs.

Mobile Apps In India provided by some of the leading banks both in private and government sector that enables a customer to view his / her payments requested by retailers and instruct banks to make the related payments, therefore developing a secure payment transfer channel that doesn't necessitate third party validation or authentication. Using these apps, customers can also make informed choices about their payments and the accounts that they operate, thereby enabling them to manage their finances more efficiently.

Over the past few months Mobile App Development companies in Gurgaon have developed and upgraded their skill sets to provide business rewarding and friendly customer navigation and payment processing application so that people can manage and undertake banking transactions from the ease of their smartphones therefore saving a lot of time that is consumed in visiting the bank branch.

Banking related Mobile Application Development In India has a long way to go and offer more and more exciting features and functionalities to the corporate as well as Individual customers.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Software Application Development- Basics and Know How

Software application development is the computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks involved in a software release lifecycle and resulting in a software product.

The software development paradigm helps developer to select a strategy to develop the software. A software development paradigm has its own set of tools, methods and procedures, which are expressed clearly and defines software development life cycle

A software can be used to address different needs and solve specific business problems or it can be used as an automation tool to streamline business functions like Sales, HR, Finance etc. Therefore each software development process will have usage of different platforms, languages, framework, technology etc.

Due to the growing number of IT companies there are lot many small, medium and big software development companies in Gurgaon offering highly customized software application development services with different business models and modes of operation.
A large percentage of software projects fail because the developers fail to realize that it doesn't matter how much time and planning a development team puts into creating software if nobody in an organization ends up using it.

Therefore to ensure higher usability and adoption rate software development companies in Gurgaon have invested in building specific team to take care of each and every stage in a software development process like Brainstorming, Coding, Designing, Testing, Implementation etc.

To summarize a software will have a higher user adoption rate when it has an appealing UI/UX design, best technology and framework and long term adaptability to address ever changing and highly dynamic business needs.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Website Design & Development – A Collaborative Team Exercise

A website is not only a simple page describing a business or a set up instead it’s a medium through which the brand value and brand recognition of an organization takes place. So not only what you put on a website is important but also how attractive is the overall design and look & feel of the website- should have a very appealing user interface which leads to higher user engagement and more returning customers. Therefore a website design and development process should be carefully drafted with a fine blueprint clearly stating the objectives and mission statement.

Website design development companies in Gurgaon have deep expertise in utilising some of the industry’s leading tools and platforms to deliver outstanding website designs that has long term benefits for a set up. There are many website design and development companies at Sohna Road that offer highly value adding website designs at reasonable costs with sustainable support services.

A website design & development company should work as extended teams of a client and look at innovative ways of delivering outstanding web solutions. A vendor might have to demonstrate to the customer different platforms that can be used to develop a website like PHP, Content Management systems like Drupal, WordPress etc.- These days websites are normally developed using the CMS mode-like Drupal, WordPress since they have a lot easier interface and amazing tools that help in developing an attractive and higher user engagement website therefore providing more value add and customer delight.

It can therefore be concluded that a website design process should be a well-crafted blueprint with clearly mentioned objectives and mission statements that yields excellent results for the organization.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Whats App Messenger- Your partner for communication needs

Whatsapp is one of the most reputed and efficient online based messaging platforms with the help of which you can send unlimited texts without any kind of charge. You can easily use the same by means of installing the application within your mobile phone. One of the greatest advantages of using the same is that it can be installed to nay models of mobile phones and this is the reason that the popularity of this application has increased to a great extent.

Real-time messaging is now possible with the use of Whats App Messenger Application and in this case you can exchange texts that are being accompanied by unlimited videos, images or audios. 

Many organizations have started using the Whats App Messenger Application in order to streamline and automate communication flow through greater degree of integration and collaboration is being followed by corporates to shorten the communication flow. The use of Whats App Messenger has also allowed better management control and information system accompanied by better informed decisions and higher levels of productivity and efficiency.

 May organizations are also using the Whats App Messenger to streamline communication within a specific department like Sales, Purchase, HR, Finance etc. with possibility to integrate with specific third party systems like ERP, Tally etc.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Mobile Application Development for Android, Windows & iOS Platform

A Mobile Application Development company can offer to build application software depending upon the different requirements of clients and projects on different platforms like Android, Windows and iOS development. Some applications are developed by companies to promote their business services and brand while some are developed by individuals for the purpose of re-selling it on various social media platforms like Facebook. Over the past couple of months there has been an increase in number of people getting a mobile application developed for re-selling purpose and most of these applications are on the lines of instant messaging/collaboration fundamentals aimed at increasing the user base and with an engaging user interface and collaboration enriched capabilities.

A good mobile application development company will focus on each and every aspect of a project and starting from understanding the wire-frames, screen mock ups, designing a stringent quality assurance and testing process since the overall success of an application will depend not only on the user interface but also on various other parameters like good browsing user experience and error free navigation and controls.

The overall design of this application should be complete in all aspects like great UI/UX design, excellent server side management and maintenance, error free navigation, support services & interactions with the application, good after sales support and a scalable infrastructure for updating this application with new features.

Typically coupled with this a mobile application design company can also help the customer and user to promote the application on specific stores like Google play, play store etc. to ensure maximum downloads of the application because if the application is not promoted on stores then its visibility and promotion gets affected therefore resulting in very few or zero downloads.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Instant Messaging Applications- Bringing Revolution in the communication world

Along with the boom in smartphones around the world, instant messaging are downloaded
almost every mobile device. The main reason why these apps are such big hit with users is because they are easy to use and more importantly free. An instant messaging applications like WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app that allows users to exchange messages without having to pay for them. The basic underlying feature of an instant messaging application is that it gives users to a quick and a convenient platform to chat online through real time text conversations that include contact lists and attachment options. 

Whatsapp Messenger is being increasingly used by corporates to address communication and information sharing flow between its people to foster greater degree of team collaborations thereby streamlining and automating various processes which ultimately leads to higher degree of performance and improved efficiency levels.

Using such an application would require the organizations to understand the user acceptability factor of their employees and figure out the communication challenges that are faced by the people currently and how the intended application will solve the purpose-In other words they need to understand the main pain points of the ultimate users. 

Instant messaging applications can help a lot to streamline and automate specific work functions as well for e.g. Sales, Purchase, HR etc. by addressing their unique demands and specific challenges. In many instances the instant messaging applications have undergone capabilities to interact and integrate with other third party system like ERP, Sales Management tool etc. to streamline specific processes like Billing & Payments, File Sharing on both the systems like the app and on the in-house server environment for better informed decision making and analytical abilities.

Across the world instant messaging apps are surging in popularity and revolutionizing the way people used to communicate and interact with each other couple of years back

Friday, 6 February 2015

Windows & Android Mobile Apps Development - Know How

Over the past couple of years mobile phones have undergone dramatic change from being only text messages and voice calling device to becoming pocket PCs offering all the necessary applications to the users. An average user spends nearly 700 minutes per month using mobile applications. There various platform on which mobile applications are developed for e.g. windows, android and Ios.

Android app development is the most dynamic platform often releasing new versions of the applications at regular interval. Own SDK (Software Development Kit) is available for Android in several versions, depending on the needs of programmer. Due to large number of devices are based on android so there is a growing demand for these applications so therefore there are lot of android application development companies in Gurgaon offering custom build android apps development services- working with the clients right from brainstorming for the UI/UX of the application, graphics and content placements, hosting the servers and buying computing space necessary for the applications to run.

Windows apps development process can vary as compared to android application due to differences in the server set up and spacing. Mobile applications can be downloaded and bought from Windows Phone Marketplace where more than 150,000 applications and games are available. There are some Windows application development companies in Gurgaon that have specialized skill sets to develop custom windows application and to help the customer in meeting the desired objectives. Devices with the Windows Phone operating system were always characterized by high-quality and easy content management.

While looking to get a mobile app developed the organizations should be able to fully understand the functioning and the technical implications of each of the platform to determine higher success rate and user acceptability.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Enterprise Chat Solutions- A great Tool for Business process automation

Inter and Intra department communications and interaction with other stakeholders of an organization is an important criteria that determines the overall success and achievement of business objectives of an organization.

There is a need to effectively manage a proper flow of communication by developing a channel that streamlines the communication flow between various stakeholders of the company as well as automate the important functions of any organization like sales, finance, HR etc.

Enterprise chat solution and enterprise application development is being seriously explored as an important platform and tool to help organizations in overcoming their communication related challenges and as a step further can also help them to bring in automation in their day to day activities and tasks. The solutions should be dynamic and should offer a good browsing experience to the users in order to ensure a wide scale acceptability within the organization.

Communication can be done in the form of files sharing, images uploads & sharing, channel partner management factors, billing and payments, reporting and dashboard analytics for better informed and controlled management decisions and business process enhancements.

Enterprise application development companies in Gurgaon have deep expertise in designing and developing such solutions which offer a whole new perspective to the communication and automation needs of an organization by working as extended teams of the client and helping them in the end to end application development process starting from solution design brainstorming , UI/UX design, integration and functionality aspects , quality assurance processes that are stringent and proper testing of the designed solutions. After go live services ensures to resolve errors in a timely manner , minimize failure rates and keep a track on the market acceptability factor of the solutions.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Mobile apps and E commerce- Upcoming Modes of Business Operations

Mobile applications and e commerce are the two communication medium that are largely used in parallel to offer ease of shopping and exploring information by the user by using their smartphones and accessing these from their location of comfort. Mobile apps development and E commerce development processes have many steps and procedures that are common for e.g. UI/UX design, Content, Ease of integration with third party systems and user acceptability. 

A bad UI/UX design can lead to overall failure of these applications- Having a strong admin panel interface is also an important factor to be kept in mind while developing mobile apps or a e commerce web or mobile solution-since both of them may require ongoing iterations in the content, images or graphics etc. even the system is live and being used by the customers.

Customer buying behaviour and understanding of the demographics of the target customer segment plays a foundation role in order to design rewarding solutions and should be focused on by the vendors to deliver outstanding results.

Mobile apps development companies in Gurgaon have special skills and expertise in developing complex and challenging solutions since Gurgaon is the hub of IT sector and upcoming segments. E commerce solutions development companies in Gurgaon have also delivered promising and highly customizable solutions since Gurgaon has specific business zones for E commerce companies and has become an attractive place of investments by the e commerce companies due to availability of highly skilled and qualified resources along with promising economic and financial growth opportunities that the city has to offer to the business houses.

To summarize a Good UI/UX design with proper understanding of the target customer demographics will deliver rewarding e commerce and mobile apps solutions.

Monday, 2 February 2015

WhatsApp Messaging- The Upcoming Business Process Automation Tool

WhatsApp messaging applications have changed the way we use to interact and communicate with each other- with lots of affordable and wide range of smart devices available these days like tablets, smartphones, laptops etc. using these applications has become a convenient mode of communication for people.  WhatsApp messenger application is the widely and most commonly used  platform for instant messaging needs due to its easy to use interface and ever engaging colour schemes and functionality. Whats app messenger allows people to easily and quickly access and send files, images and videos to their network with the click of a button.

Application like whatsapp messenger can be used by organizations a intra company chat portal and foster greater degree of collaboration and teamwork therefore ensuring higher levels of performance and productivity. 

Whats app messenger application can be used to automate certain functions of an organization and also to integrate with the third party associations of a company by enabling multi user account access. Many manufacturing companies have started to look at instant messaging platform in order to automate and streamline various work functions like sales, HR, purchase etc. by integration instant messaging platforms with other third party systems like ERP, Tally etc.

Its just amazing how these instant messaging applications have revolutionized the way we used to communicate and have made our life simpler than before. However there are certain things that needs to be kept in mind before getting an instant messaging applications- the main factor being the User Interface and design- the interface should be appealing and engaging with variety of smileys and graphics options- The application should be dynamic and be regularly updated for new features and functionalities since the users are always on the lookout for more innovative and easy communication platforms to make their lives easier.