Friday, 6 February 2015

Windows & Android Mobile Apps Development - Know How

Over the past couple of years mobile phones have undergone dramatic change from being only text messages and voice calling device to becoming pocket PCs offering all the necessary applications to the users. An average user spends nearly 700 minutes per month using mobile applications. There various platform on which mobile applications are developed for e.g. windows, android and Ios.

Android app development is the most dynamic platform often releasing new versions of the applications at regular interval. Own SDK (Software Development Kit) is available for Android in several versions, depending on the needs of programmer. Due to large number of devices are based on android so there is a growing demand for these applications so therefore there are lot of android application development companies in Gurgaon offering custom build android apps development services- working with the clients right from brainstorming for the UI/UX of the application, graphics and content placements, hosting the servers and buying computing space necessary for the applications to run.

Windows apps development process can vary as compared to android application due to differences in the server set up and spacing. Mobile applications can be downloaded and bought from Windows Phone Marketplace where more than 150,000 applications and games are available. There are some Windows application development companies in Gurgaon that have specialized skill sets to develop custom windows application and to help the customer in meeting the desired objectives. Devices with the Windows Phone operating system were always characterized by high-quality and easy content management.

While looking to get a mobile app developed the organizations should be able to fully understand the functioning and the technical implications of each of the platform to determine higher success rate and user acceptability.

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