Monday, 21 September 2015

Digitizing the Manufacturing Set-Up with Mobile Apps

In today’s world it is important that businesses not only have a transparent and effective communication between its external customers but also to have a smooth and effective communication medium and channels with their internal stakeholders as well for e.g. employees, dealers, distributors, vendors etc.
The mobile apps development industry has diversified into developing specific applications having communication and collaboration capabilities specially designed and customized for the manufacturing sector where there is always a need for real-time and effective flow of information between different stakeholders in order to meet the overall profitability goals of an organization.

The mobile application development companies have realized the need of such applications and are building strong foundation to custom develop such applications by taking references of similar apps already available in the overseas market. Mobile application development companies in India need to make applications that support and provides access rights as per the party accessing the applications for e.g. the sales staff in a manufacturing set up would need to know the inventory, list of dealers/distributors in his assigned territory, collections and receivables, new product launch information etc.  By allowing them an access on this can be very helpful in their dealings and business meetings to expand market reach of the company.

Mobile apps development companies in Gurgaon have collaborated with manufacturing sector to designs blueprints / mind-app to develop mobile applications that may be required by them in the coming near future in order to maintain high levels of engagement among the external stakeholders and sustain long-term business profitability and achieve their stated goals and objectives.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

How to make Ios Apps for Long Term Sustainability and Scalability

Marketing decisions & strategies have been traditionally defined and customized to appeal to the different set of users based on their age, gender, location, occupation etc. So as to deliver desired results.

This trend has continued till now and extended to be address in the world of smartphone applications which are designed & customized to meet the needs of heterogeneous group of users varying in their platform usage.
An iOS app development process therefore requires lot of focus on the screen designs & layout, content management etc. among other parameters since iOS application development is designed in mind keeping the user preferences and such application and platform is largely used by the senior corporate professionals and business owners who are very professional in their orientation during app interactions and give a lot of weightage to the overall look and feel of such applications.

IOS app developers need to take care of these factors to ensure market acceptability of the applications being developed and ensure long-term sustainability. Post app go-live services is another critical area that needs to be addressed with extra focus to make sure such applications deliver required results.

IOS app development companies in Gurgaon have invested in building special team for development of iOS applications on native languages like Objective C and Swift so as to ensure smooth performance and functioning of the applications with engaging designs.

IOS application development companies in Delhi have been investing in getting into business collaborations with offshore development companies to design and develop such applications in order to meet the desired levels of performance benchmarks and user acceptability.

Therefore it can be concluded that such applications need to be developed more on the native platform in order to deliver the required results in a given-timeframe on one hand and to appeal to the users with high-professional orientation in all aspects.

Key Points to be taken care for Android Apps Development

The dependency on the new age smartphone applications is increasing day by day to resolve various needs of the users like Routine activities, food & travel , leisure & entertainment , business & financial etc. Although all these domains may be address by using specific content and different user interface designs but the crux of the overall development remains the same i.e. the language in which such applications are developed, testing, QA among other latent factors related to the development of the application.

Among all the platforms Android Apps development is a major branch since there is a lot of demand for such applications owing to large user base prevalent across different age groups, locations, preferences and other socio-cultural dimensions.

To develop android apps the developer company must invest and specially focus on building a strong framework of QA and Testing procedures since android has lot of OS versions available in smart-devices of variety of screen designs.
Android application development companies in Gurgaon have build strong framework and infrastructure in addressing all these domains with specialized and experienced resources in order to deliver user engaging and utility applications.

Following this trend even the Android Application development companies in Delhi have geared up their resources to build strong foundation for developing highly customized and user engaging smart phone application in order to increase their market share and enhance brand visibility.

Applications on the android platform has been identified as a platform that requires lot of testing & customizations to meet the standards of various OS versions available in the market and to be scalable enough in order to accommodate future changes that may be required based on the new OS version release.

Therefore it can be summarized that these applications will have a longer development time-frame as compared to other platforms since lot of testing and degree of customizations have to be taken care before releasing a final version of the application for the users.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

E Commerce Web & App and Their Collaboration with the Travel Industry.

There multiple ways in which smart phone applications help us in one or the other. The interesting fact is that large number of highly customized applications are built to address needs of different application users- In terms of their preferences, age, gender, location etc.

The diversification of such applications into E commerce segment by collaborating online buying capability had added to a further increase in the user base.

Nowadays we see lot of travel & tourism based organizations and providers are leveraging the E commerce app development process to make highly customized applications for smartphones so that people can plan their vacations/business tour and other travel related needs by simply browsing through such applications.

E commerce website & app developmentcompanies in Delhi & Gurgaon have tie-ups with Travel companies like Yatra, Make My Trip etc. To develop highly user engaging and customized apps so that people can plan their travel through such applications without having to go to a website and spend hours in finalizing their travel. They need to make the payment gateway integration and linkages with other apps/website through the app a strong foundation of the entire app framework in order to ensure a complete user delight and repeat visitors.

These applications have grown significantly since the past few months since users find it easy to book their travels without having to invest lot of time in researching for the information, checking rates, comparisons between websites of different travel companies etc.

E commerce website development and E commerce app development have capabilities to re-direct the users to even book tickets through the IRCTC and Private Airline’s website therefore reinforcing a degree of trust for the users.

Therefore we can sum up by saying that such applications have a promising future since the world is moving towards globalization which require people to travel to new places and discover unexplored opportunities.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Android & iOS App- Major development differences

In Today’s world not only “After sales service and support” is applicable for the product related industries but also for Services Sector in fact on a much higher note than the Product Industry since after a service is something which is intangible and the trust factor needs to be regularly imposed and taken care of to expand customer base.

The segment of Android Mobile Application development requires after delivery support and assistance in two major domains- Bugs & Errors resolution and Scalability of the application. In case of android mobile apps testing is a big factor since android has lot of OS versions available in the market in handsets of different sizes, so making the app responsive for different screen resolutions is also a challenging and important tasks which the developer companies should keep in mind while developing apps to ensure delightful user experience and engagement.  Android mobile apps development requires specialized skill sets of resources in specific android tools, languages and platforms

On the contrary in case of iOS mobileapplication development lot of time gets invested for registering to the apple developer account and doing sign up for relevant certificates required for publishing the app on the App Store- Apple is very stringent on the security measures and concerns of its users.

Testing for an iOS mobile app is comparatively easier than an android application due to lesser number of OS version of iOS devices also they have limited screen sizes available.

Android & iOS application developmentcompanies in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida have taken up native platform projects for better functioning and delightful user experience by maintaining and investing in platform specific teams to work on such projects.

Therefore we can conclude that although there are many differences in how Android and iOS apps are developed but they need the same amount of after delivery support and assistance for better functioning and long term user acceptability.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Day to Day Utilities Mobile App and Their Growing Usage

The ocean of applications have multiple mode of usage and can be used for problem solving for the highly tech society that we live in these days.

The whole world of Mobile Application Development have transformed into various fragments to customer application and usage to address varying needs and wants of the web /smart phone users.

The Mobile Application Development in India has witnessed growth in service providers who develop mobile apps specializing and building capabilities to cater to different domains of needs and wants pertaining to smart phone applications. There various utilities specific applications available on respective online stores of different platforms which help people in managing, paying and tracking of their day to day or monthly expenses therefore bringing in great level of transparency and effective management.

Utilities applications allow users to pay their bills like water, gas & electricity, credit card bills, phone recharge, banking transactions – Doing funds transfer to other accounts etc. Such a kind of applications have wide acceptability since they ease the users in the cumbersome process of travelling few miles to make payments, credit amounts etc. apart from ease of management and better transparency.

Mobile apps development companies in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida have collaborated with various private and government organizations to offer their clients with a one-stop solution application for all their transaction and day to day expense management needs therefore also helping in increasing their loyal customer base through effective customer servicing and engagement.

We can therefore conclude that utilities specific applications will continue to witness a rapid growth curve in terms of user acceptability and easy usability.