Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Key Points to be taken care for Android Apps Development

The dependency on the new age smartphone applications is increasing day by day to resolve various needs of the users like Routine activities, food & travel , leisure & entertainment , business & financial etc. Although all these domains may be address by using specific content and different user interface designs but the crux of the overall development remains the same i.e. the language in which such applications are developed, testing, QA among other latent factors related to the development of the application.

Among all the platforms Android Apps development is a major branch since there is a lot of demand for such applications owing to large user base prevalent across different age groups, locations, preferences and other socio-cultural dimensions.

To develop android apps the developer company must invest and specially focus on building a strong framework of QA and Testing procedures since android has lot of OS versions available in smart-devices of variety of screen designs.
Android application development companies in Gurgaon have build strong framework and infrastructure in addressing all these domains with specialized and experienced resources in order to deliver user engaging and utility applications.

Following this trend even the Android Application development companies in Delhi have geared up their resources to build strong foundation for developing highly customized and user engaging smart phone application in order to increase their market share and enhance brand visibility.

Applications on the android platform has been identified as a platform that requires lot of testing & customizations to meet the standards of various OS versions available in the market and to be scalable enough in order to accommodate future changes that may be required based on the new OS version release.

Therefore it can be summarized that these applications will have a longer development time-frame as compared to other platforms since lot of testing and degree of customizations have to be taken care before releasing a final version of the application for the users.

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