Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Mobile Applications- The Need of the Hour

In today’s highly dynamic and competitive markets organizations needs to do regular deep thinking on how best to market their offerings to the target segment and how effectively to do the brand positioning- besides the old channels of communication like TVC, Print, Social media marketing etc there is a trend that is being noticed these days where more and more organizations are moving towards Mobile application development to fulfill its objective of branding and selling to its target segment. A business may have customers spread across different geographies like states, cities or countries so in order to reach these wide spread customer segments the organizations should explore the different mobile app development processes available in the market so that they have a first mover advantage over their competitors in engaging with the customers through mobile platform.

Mobile application development can on a single operating system platform like ios or android or it can be developed for multiple platforms like ios, androids, windows etc- Whether to go for a ios mobile app development or android / windows app development organizations need to figure out the which platforms may be or are used by their target segments- in short they should be able to do a clear customer profiling in terms of operating system usage so that they can optimize costs and increase the ROI. 

The applications can be made specifically for each operating system platform largely called native applications or they can be developed by using a common framework/platform for all the platforms largely called the hybrid or platform independent applications. In order to decide the type of application (native or hybrid) an organizations needs to understand and determine the level of user engagement that they plan to achieve - since native applications may have better and less error browsing experience as compared to the hybrid applications.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

“On-The Go”- Instant Messaging & Enterprise chat solutions

In today’s fast ever evolving and dynamic world not only “How- well” we communicate is important but also how easily and effectively we can communicate with our colleagues, team members, peers etc. that determines how well we able to disseminate communication to various stakeholders of a set up that results in the overall profitability of an organization.

Instant messaging app on smartphones and devices is being explored as an effective platform to enable faster and easier communication channels within and outside the organization thereby resulting in automation of communication processes and help in achieving the desired business objectives and outcomes through timely flow of accurate and collaborative information.

An enterprise chat solution can be a customized mobile communication solution designed to meet specific objectives of an organization. An instant messaging app or an enterprise chat solution may be designed for faster and better communication flow within different departments of an organization by sharing of files, videos, images etc. An advanced design may include automating process of specific functions for e.g. sales- a communication platform can be designed in such a way that sales staff can book orders, keep track of invoices, sales and distribution channel management etc.

Some of the examples of instant messaging apps are Whats App, Viber, and We-chat etc – however these are personal and fun focused apps but solving the basic purpose of faster and effective communication needs like file sharing, image sharing, video recording and sharing etc.

While designing these solutions many things have to be considered by an organization like their mission/vision, objectives and end results desired. An effective communication channel is very important for an organization so while designing the communication applications/solutions focus should be on each and every building block of the solution right from designing the mock up screes, wireframes, UI/UX, back-end and web server management, safety and security etc.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Benefits of Using Mobile Application Development

The set of processes and procedures which are involved in wireless computing devices like smart phones and tablets is referred to as Mobile Application Development. In today’s world of fast communication, business organizations are more and more relying on such technologies in order to establish a relation with the customers.

Nowadays, the business companies consider MobileApplication Development to be worthwhile in terms of spending money since it helps in boosting the productivity of the employees. Through the use of these apps, the employees can handle many tough situations in a short period of time instead of wasting hours.

These mobile apps are developed in a way to take the best advantage of the unique features which a particular mobile device offers. These apps can be pre-installed at the manufacturing stage or else the customers can download from web. The prime aim of these apps is to provide the customer with a friendly and easy to use experience within a Web Browser. The business companies however, prefer to build these apps in-house so that they can have all the exact features which they want. These apps fulfill the prime purpose of increasing sales or building loyal customer base.
Through mobile app, the company benefits in more than one way. It not just increases efficiency but also provides cost effective analysis, cross platform flexibility as well as comprehensive data collection.

The role of Mobile Application Developer is very essential in the development of these apps. It is not just the unique features they have to look into rather; they have to consider various other specifications like the screen size, configurations, hardware usage, interface etc. Most importantly, they should be aware as to why they are developing a particular app- they should know the needs and requirements of the business company if they want it to be successful. The interface should be very user friendly so that the user is able to use it as and when he wants.

The mobile application developer may have expertise in different fields like Android Development, Blackberry Development, iPhone Development and iPad Development to name a few.

Companies which are offering their services in Mobile Application Development make it a point to first understand the business needs of a particular organization and then develop the app keeping in view the essential features and requirements. They basically adopt a step by step approach in doing the same. 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Instant Messaging Application - Easiest and Fastest way of Communication

The internet seems to have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. One of the latest additions to this fast technology is Instant Messaging, which is popularly known as IM or IMing. It is an instant form of online chat where one can send real- time messages to another person using Internet. This is somewhat similar to text messaging, but one can say that it is a more advanced and developed form.

Till now people have been relying on emails to communicate with the other person. However, no one knows whether the person with whom you want to communicate is online or not or else when he will reply to you. This is one of the main reasons why Instant Messaging has become so popular nowadays. In fact, young generation has been taking the maximum benefit from the same since it saves time and is a much quicker way of communication. If you wish to use IM, it is essential that you must have Instant Messaging App on your cell phone.

Various Companies offering Enterprise Chat Solutions do make it a point to offer Instant Messaging App to their customers since for the success of any Company, it has become a basic need now. It not just maximizes the efficiency of the workforce, but also ensures that there is clear communication too. The prime function of Enterprise Chat Applications is to see that the customer is not kept on hold for long hours or his call is not being ignored.

Instant Messaging app allows the customers to use text messages and ask for help. Such applications can go a long way in building a long and trusted relationship between the business organization and customers since the employees can now give answers in a more friendly, quick and easy way. Yet, another added advantage is that they can communicate with more than one person at the same time.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Mobile Applications- The Gen-Next for Business Mobility

Few years back communication, collaboration were restricted to phone calls and emails but with the growing population of highly mobile workforce across various industries and sectors more and more people are realizing the worth and value of mobile app development.

These days’ organizations operate in multi-location dynamics like offices in different parts of the country, clients in different cities and countries etc. - In such a case they need to have a mobile workforce which can address the needs and requirements of different business units and stake holders (especially customers). For them to be able to handle these challenges effectively they need a mobile app development process through which various business and customer focused applications can be developed that would foster ease of information sharing, branding/visibility of the business, much better businesses processes and outcomes.
Mobile Application Development Company

A mobile app development process can be designed by keeping in mind the specific needs of an organization – which can either be branding the business through the app, to carry out e commerce based transactions through the app, mobile app development to automate and streamline specific processes like sales, finance, accounts with help of enterprise collaborative instant messaging mobile app development.

While designing a mobile app development process or blueprint focus should be laid on UI/UX of the app, backend / server management process, safety and security of the app, business feasibility and the impact of launching the app on a company’s culture- because if the app is not accepted by the users than the complete mobile app development process loses its importance and viability.  A mobile app development should also have a strong support on the website front to help the users understand the app in detail, giving them an overview of its features and advantages and creating a pre-launch enthusiasm among the user base to start using the app as soon as it is launched- this would only be possible if the mobile app has a good UI/UX design.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Building Sales Automation with organizations

Salesforce.com as most of us is one of the leading sales automation tool used by organizations across sectors to streamline and effectively manage the sales function.

Apart from standard optimization of sales process- Salesforce.com has modules on Marketing and CRM as well- Salesforce.com is a complete one stop solution for all Sales and Marketing requirements however organizations have the flexibility to choose whatever they feel is most important for their set up. Salesforce.com subscriptions are typically based on the Per User per Month Model where you take licenses for a set of 5 users (for e.g. and pay a monthly subscription cost accordingly) more licenses can be purchased as per the need.

Each organization may have to customize Salesforce.com since the processes for handling sales and marketing function differs across industries. May a times organizations may feel the need to engage a third party to help them use Salesforce.com as per their requirements. These third parties may help by setting up custom workflows (like-approval, assignments etc.), customizing outbound messaging content and mechanism, reporting and dashboard customization etc. These customization's can help businesses to achieve their business objectives and goals.

Salesforce.com customization process has to be laid down by keeping in mind all the factors like the existing sales process and the level of automation in the process desired.

At Mind in Motion Software we have deep expertise in helping organizations realize and acknowledge the power and utility Salesforce.com as a leading Sales Management tool. We can start from scratch and look at every minute detail of a company’s sales process and then develop a step by step detailed plan on how to best map the processes in Salesforce.com so that the clients can reach their business goals effectively and efficiently. Having worked with some of the leading names across different segments and markets we have developed and documented successful used business cases to help organizations reach their sales automation goals much quicker then anticipated. 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Make your Own APP by MindinMotion.Co Group

Mobile applications can be used to achieve different business objectives – like marketing/branding, direct sales (mobile apps for travel website a perfect example) or simply to streamline internal processes and procedures – we find lot of companies these days are exploring the option of developing a mobile application that would foster ease of communication between different departments.

While looking to build the application organizations should look at the credentials and quality of work previously done by the android developer whom they plan to engage for the project or in case of outsourcing such projects to an android app development company organizations should look at the clients list of the vendor and also a thorough research needs to be done to understand if they have done such a project earlier-since instant messaging development requires special expertise and skill sets to be able to deliver the project as per desired features set.

During the process of developing such an application the android developer or the android app development company may have to do a thorough study of instant messaging applications like Whats app, We chat, Viber etc. and take the UI/UX and all other relevant features of these applications as benchmark and reference points to prepare mock up screen designs and wire frames.

The android developer or the android development company may have to work as an extended team of the client to understand their internal processes and procedures and how do they plan to set up a security infrastructure, database server management, integration with existing web or IT Solutions if required.
At Mind in Motion Software we can help companies in planning and designing custom mobile/instant messaging applications apart from developing rewarding web solutions to compliment the mobile app. We can work as your extended team and associate with you by developing business rewarding mobile and web application solutions.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Building Your Brand Name with iOS App Developer

There is no denying of the fact that vast majority of people are more and more relying on the Smartphones across the world. In a way it can be said that these mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. We use them not just as a means of communication but also as a tool of engaging in various business activities too. It is this essential fact which needs to be truly pulled out by those business organizations which are working hard in the field of ecommerce.

There are multitudes of companies which are offering their services to the business organizations in developing such apps. With the increased emphasis being laid on Mobile Applications, ios app developer too has become an essential part of any Business Organization which aims to take the maximum benefit from the use of Smart Phones and Tablets. iOS is the mobile operating system which has been developed by Apple Inc. and is meant to be used for various Apple devices.   

These days, companies make it a point to ensure that their mobile applications can work on all major platforms be it iOS, Android or Windows. This in turn gives the customers a friendly and easy interface to work with and thereby enhances the profitability of the company in the long run.

Yet another essential feature is to make sure that there is hassle free interaction between different departments of an organization as well as to see that your agents are able to answer and handle all your customers with ease. Thus, emerges the need for having “Enterprise Chat Application” which is considered to be one of the important factors for any business’s success. Instant messaging service is considered to be not just professional way of communicating with your customers but also a friendly, modern and credible way too.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

App Solutions for E Commerce Website

E commerce means transactions between buyers and sellers through internet- E commerce is largely used by buyers to buy various products and services like apparel, electronics, flowers and gifts even making railway and air reservations are a sort of e commerce transactions.

The growing use of e commerce is mainly because of shortage of time with people and ease of access to internet with highly mobile devices like smartphones, mini-laptops, tablets etc.

If an organization is operating in the e commerce domain it needs to make sure that the website offers a delightful user navigation experience and hassle free transactions, to make sure that the website is highly user engaging companies can choose from a variety of e commerce solutions that are designed specifically to cater to the needs and requirements of the e commerce segment.

ECommerce solutions can be designed keeping in mind specific business objectives of the organizations and then revamp or redesign the e commerce website keeping in mind target user segment to offer enriching user experience. The solutions that are customized can give repeat and valued customer base to the organizations therefore helping them to achieve economies of scale.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Mobile Application Tips

Following Tips That Will Help You:

1. Testing
Testing in mobile apps is a little bit new field, but it can be extremely effective.

2. Extremely Helpful with the Users
Your users’ motivations matter more than your own and you need to understand the motivations of your users at a very deep level and place triggers in their path accordingly.

3 Do Best when you will be Offline
Some of the hottest app designs are famous for their usability when the consumer is not offline.  This is a design practice that entrepreneur their development teams should think about as they plan their apps. Think always about how the app works in the offline mode.

4 Easy Design
The mobile app should be so simple and user friendly, that even a newbie mobile user can easily navigate it.

5. Make It Simple- User Friendly
Once you have a rough design ready then take the most non technical friend & family members you have and watch them work the app. Design Should be as simple as Possible
Android owners use their device differently than iPhone owners. Make sure your design principals match the operating system you are designing for. One size doesn’t fit all.