Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Mobile Applications- The Need of the Hour

In today’s highly dynamic and competitive markets organizations needs to do regular deep thinking on how best to market their offerings to the target segment and how effectively to do the brand positioning- besides the old channels of communication like TVC, Print, Social media marketing etc there is a trend that is being noticed these days where more and more organizations are moving towards Mobile application development to fulfill its objective of branding and selling to its target segment. A business may have customers spread across different geographies like states, cities or countries so in order to reach these wide spread customer segments the organizations should explore the different mobile app development processes available in the market so that they have a first mover advantage over their competitors in engaging with the customers through mobile platform.

Mobile application development can on a single operating system platform like ios or android or it can be developed for multiple platforms like ios, androids, windows etc- Whether to go for a ios mobile app development or android / windows app development organizations need to figure out the which platforms may be or are used by their target segments- in short they should be able to do a clear customer profiling in terms of operating system usage so that they can optimize costs and increase the ROI. 

The applications can be made specifically for each operating system platform largely called native applications or they can be developed by using a common framework/platform for all the platforms largely called the hybrid or platform independent applications. In order to decide the type of application (native or hybrid) an organizations needs to understand and determine the level of user engagement that they plan to achieve - since native applications may have better and less error browsing experience as compared to the hybrid applications.

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