Sunday, 8 February 2015

Instant Messaging Applications- Bringing Revolution in the communication world

Along with the boom in smartphones around the world, instant messaging are downloaded
almost every mobile device. The main reason why these apps are such big hit with users is because they are easy to use and more importantly free. An instant messaging applications like WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app that allows users to exchange messages without having to pay for them. The basic underlying feature of an instant messaging application is that it gives users to a quick and a convenient platform to chat online through real time text conversations that include contact lists and attachment options. 

Whatsapp Messenger is being increasingly used by corporates to address communication and information sharing flow between its people to foster greater degree of team collaborations thereby streamlining and automating various processes which ultimately leads to higher degree of performance and improved efficiency levels.

Using such an application would require the organizations to understand the user acceptability factor of their employees and figure out the communication challenges that are faced by the people currently and how the intended application will solve the purpose-In other words they need to understand the main pain points of the ultimate users. 

Instant messaging applications can help a lot to streamline and automate specific work functions as well for e.g. Sales, Purchase, HR etc. by addressing their unique demands and specific challenges. In many instances the instant messaging applications have undergone capabilities to interact and integrate with other third party system like ERP, Sales Management tool etc. to streamline specific processes like Billing & Payments, File Sharing on both the systems like the app and on the in-house server environment for better informed decision making and analytical abilities.

Across the world instant messaging apps are surging in popularity and revolutionizing the way people used to communicate and interact with each other couple of years back

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