Monday, 2 February 2015

WhatsApp Messaging- The Upcoming Business Process Automation Tool

WhatsApp messaging applications have changed the way we use to interact and communicate with each other- with lots of affordable and wide range of smart devices available these days like tablets, smartphones, laptops etc. using these applications has become a convenient mode of communication for people.  WhatsApp messenger application is the widely and most commonly used  platform for instant messaging needs due to its easy to use interface and ever engaging colour schemes and functionality. Whats app messenger allows people to easily and quickly access and send files, images and videos to their network with the click of a button.

Application like whatsapp messenger can be used by organizations a intra company chat portal and foster greater degree of collaboration and teamwork therefore ensuring higher levels of performance and productivity. 

Whats app messenger application can be used to automate certain functions of an organization and also to integrate with the third party associations of a company by enabling multi user account access. Many manufacturing companies have started to look at instant messaging platform in order to automate and streamline various work functions like sales, HR, purchase etc. by integration instant messaging platforms with other third party systems like ERP, Tally etc.

Its just amazing how these instant messaging applications have revolutionized the way we used to communicate and have made our life simpler than before. However there are certain things that needs to be kept in mind before getting an instant messaging applications- the main factor being the User Interface and design- the interface should be appealing and engaging with variety of smileys and graphics options- The application should be dynamic and be regularly updated for new features and functionalities since the users are always on the lookout for more innovative and easy communication platforms to make their lives easier.

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