Friday, 30 January 2015

Mobile Technology Landscape- Know How

Mobile technology landscape is being increasingly used by both businesses and individuals to explore new ideas, products and service offerings, travel & entertainment, food & leisure etc. - When it comes to business houses they may use the mobile technology platform for marketing promotion activities, encourage ease of transactions through mobile apps or streamline their internal processes and foster greater inter and intra team collaborations through instant messaging applications.

There are four broad categories related to mobile technology landscape services:
  • Android Mobile Application Development
  • Enterprise Chat Solution
  • Website design & development
  • E commerce website design.

Each of the above mentioned domains require specific and specialized skill sets and expertise to deliver outstanding results. Also each domain solves a specific business problem and helps organizations in different ways- what needs to be understood before venturing out in any of the above listed categories is to know your target segment and their user behaviour pattern, their likes/dislikes, communication medium etc. Thorough understanding of the customer or user profiling plays a very important in the overall success and acceptability of any of the domains. 

The organizations should be willing to invest time and effort in the development of a technology landscape and should be willing to wait patiently for the returns to start pouring in- since mobile technology platforms usually have a slow adoption rate but once it kicks off successfully in such a case the user base can really grow exponentially and can reap long term benefits and value add to the complete project.

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