Friday, 24 April 2015

Mobile Apps Development- Factors, Challenges and Important Parameters to be considered

The biggest challenge while selling products, services and designing solutions is the ever evolving needs and requirements of the target segment which is highly heterogeneous in nature.
People differ in their lifestyles, buying preferences, thinking pattern and many more factors hence selling or designing something that would appeal to the masses becomes a challenge and requires lot of innovation and market intelligence capabilities on part of the vendor.

Mobile Application development in India is one such domain where the needs to each and every customer is quite different  from each other and also there are typically two customer segments like the Individual Customer and the Corporate Customer- while the individual customer may have inclination towards applications that eases the daily tasks, buying and selling through the application, leisure and travel bookings, movie tickets, sports application like Hotstar to watch live steaming on matches etc.

The corporate customer on the other hand may look to develop applications to streamline and automate the communication process of their set ups, promote their products and services in a nutshell applications used by the organizations are aimed at improving the brand presence of the company or to streamline important business processes and functions.

While designing applications there are some uniform factors that needs to be taken care of the most are the UI/UX Design including colour schemes and graphics, Ease of Navigation, stringent quality assurance and coding procedures to ensure error free application release and User Acceptance Testing of the developed application.

Mobile application development companies in Gurgaon are a group of specialized developers for android, ios and windows applications with a capability to develop responsive mobile application designs. Coupled with mobile applications these companies also offer application specific brief website to promote the application and ensure more number of downloads.

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