Monday, 27 April 2015

How Mobile Application Development has automated our daily lives

High level of digitalization  and faster processing systems have made easier to faster tasks to be completed in a short span of time with abundance of decision making capabilities which are in built in the smarter applications developed across various platforms, purposes and implications.
The most commonly developed and used applications are on the smart device like mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops etc. which means that one can now access information from anytime and anywhere to solve day to day life and other complex business problems.

There are typically three kinds of mobile applications development processes like android application developmentios application development and windows application development.

The different applications on these platforms are built using different tool and languages to deliver expected results- A same application can be built on all three platforms or any two platforms simultaneously using various platform specific tools and languages like for e.g. Android applications are built using Java and Phone Gap, ios applications are built using Swift and Objective C etc.

Applications have two major modes of development like hybrid applications and native applications – the difference being that while native applications are platform specific which means they are developed and tested for different platforms specifically taking into account the minor things and steps of development while hybrid applications are developed using some common tools and overall testing processes without getting into minor platform specific details and development guidelines.

Many Android ios application development companies in Gurgaon have specific skill sets and talent to work on both hybrid and native applications to deliver desired business outcomes.

Therefore we can summarize that by using these smart applications on any platform has bought higher level of task automation and easy access to wide range of information very close to our day to day lives.

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