Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mobile application development- Guidelines for building efficient applications

Smart applications development is a multi-dimensional, multi-functional process, involving several complicated stages of programming and formatting for the different mobile devices it is intended to work on. The phenomena of working well across all devices is called Responsive design-largely used for website development work.

The process of mobile application development requires good co-ordination and understanding across people from different departments like Software Development, Product Testing & Quality Assurance, UI/ UX Designer etc. Since a successful and a rewarding mobile apps development process is a summation of all these different work functions whose involvement is necessary at different stages of project undertaking.
As a thumb rule for effective development process the developer should work with the built in feature of the mobile devices and operating systems that the app is intended to work on. This not only reduces the time and effort, but also facilitates the app to work smoothly on the said devices, thereby giving visitors a far better user experience and the engagement with the app tends to be higher therefore helping in more number of downloads and in expanding the market reach.

Mobile application development companies in Gurgaon offer to work with the clients for application development process either on a fixed cost basis or on a timesheet model by billing for the worked hours.

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